Webinar It’s like living in a fever dream out there in the world of cybersecurity. More and more sophisticated attacks, a tsunami of solutions offering a gilt-edged escape from the need to constantly reconfigure your defences, and relentless pressure to always stay one step ahead of the hackers.

But although you might have everything from password managers and intrusion detectors to automation and AI, just having all the components is not enough on its own.

Nor is trying to purchase, integrate and manage every security technology under the sun – that way lies burn out, expense and even more hours on the clock. As Clare Luce Booth famously put it, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’

So the answer to optimal performance is perhaps to simplify your security, make the right decisions, and work out what to do in house and when to buy in services.

This is exactly the focus of conversation in our latest webinar on 15 March at 11am GMT/7am EDT/4am PDT/12 pm CET, when Tim Phillips will be grilling Paul Ducklin from Sophos. They’ll examine the major cyber security threats of today and tomorrow, and identify tools which can combat them while simultaneously helping you cut the complexity from your defences.

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