Webcast Upheaval always brings opportunity. And no one knows how to exploit the opportunity that upheaval brings the way cybercriminals do.

Which is why the last year has been a bonanza for those who want to work their ways into your corporate systems, exfiltrating customer data, hitting you with ransomware, and … worse.

Even before the pandemic forced the evacuation of offices worldwide, more than half of organisations didn’t have a formal plan for dealing with a cybersecurity incident.

A year on, it’s fair to assume that many of those organisations that did have a plan, however sketchy, haven’t yet updated it to take into account the vulnerabilities the rush to homeworking left in its wake. And as for the ongoing issues that having most of their traffic happening outside the corporate perimeter, across domestic networks … well, we’ll get to that. One day.

So, how do you start putting in place a security model that fits the world we’re in today? By joining us on March 25 at 1200 BST (1100 UTC), for a webcast which will explain why you should secure users and data, not your networks.

Your host will be Tim Phillips, a veteran model is his own right, and he’ll be joined by Nigel Hawthorn from McAfee.

They’ll explain why traditional security models just don’t cut it in 2021, and why the focus should be on user behaviour.

And they’ll show you what this means for your security team’s priorities as you adjust to the new normal – and the new new normal that is bound to follow.

Want to join us? Of course you do. Just drop your details in the box here, and we’ll remind you on the day. We can’t guarantee it’ll solve all your security problems all at once, but it will give you a much clearer view of them.

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