You’ve learned a lot over the past year – and so have the cyber-criminals hiding in your systems • The Register

You’ve learned a lot over the past year – and so have the cyber-criminals hiding in your systems • The Register


Webcast Much of the tech world patted itself on the back last year, as organisations switched virtually overnight to remote working and online collaboration.

The cyber-criminal community probably gave a round of applause too, as they contemplated a vastly expanded attack surface of – often poorly protected endpoints – to target.

This prompted a switch in tactics, with the bad guys going into intelligence mode, slowly gathering information about potential targets, and exploiting the pandemic knowledge gap to spearhead increasingly sophisticated attacks.

In parallel, sophisticated supply chain attacks moved out of the realm of speculation, into reality, even as organisations grappled with traditional attacks and the growing scourge of ransomware.

So, if you care about protecting your organisation – both its people and data – you really need to make sure you’re on top of the latest threats, the techniques the criminals are using, and the most appropriate responses on your part.

And you can do all of that by tuning into our upcoming Regcast, Meet the Challenges of the New Security Landscape, on March 30 at 1100 SGT (1400 AEDT).

Your host will be Register APAC editor Simon Sharwood, who will be joined by Malwarebytes senior sales engineer Andrew Probert.

Together they’ll walk you through the threat landscape mapped out in Malwarebytes’ 2021 State of Malware report, highlighting new threats, how they behave, and how to evolve your response to counter them.

They’ll also talk you through practical steps you can take to update your security strategies, and run through the tactics you can employ to put your plans into practice.

And they’ll take a deep dive into the advanced endpoint protection strategies you need to consider, whether your workforce remains at home or starts coming back to the office.

Tapping into this wealth of information is a breeze. Just drop in your details here and we’ll update your calendar and gently remind you on the day. In the meantime, be careful out there.

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