Twitter is suffering a worldwide outage that started last night and is continuing into Saturday morning with erratic behavior and features partially working.

The issues people are experiencing include searches not working, content not loading with a spinning circle, images not displaying, or even problems logging into the site.

Issues accessing Twitter
Issues accessing Twitter

On mobile devices, Twitter users are being shown messages stating, “Tweets aren’t loading right now. Try again.”

These issues are erratic as they come and go and are affecting devices and people in different ways. From conversations with people in other countries this appears to be a global problem but some countries, such as Romania, appear to be unaffected.

For example, on our BleepingComputer Twitter account, nothing is working at all. However, I can see tweets on my personal account, but I am having trouble searching and accessing direct messages.

Twitter is aware of the problem and stated it is a problem on their servers.

“Tweets may not be loading for some of you. We’re working on fixing a problem and you’ll be back on the timeline soon.”

We know that parts of Twitter still aren’t working for some of you. We’re fixing an issue with our servers to get things back to normal soon. Thanks for sticking with us,” said Twitter’s support account.

BleepingComputer has also reached out to Twitter via email for a statement but has not heard back.

This is a developing story.