Promo The last year has shown that lock down and travel restrictions are no barrier to learning. After all, when it comes to the cybersecurity world, miscreants seem to have learned plenty.

But it’s not all one way traffic. SANS Institute has continued to deliver top notch security training online and expanded its curriculum to take account of new threats and attacks. And you might be very interested to know that SANS Institute is starting to bring back live, in-person training for its cybersecurity events.

At the same time, the good folks at SANS Institute also know that there are good reasons why many of you might not be ready to get in a room with other people just yet – no matter how much of a cybersecurity rock star they are, and you plan to be.

Which is why SANS is also maintaining its Live Online option for students who want all the content and interactivity of a traditional course, but for whatever reason are not able to attend an event in person. There are 70 courses currently available as Live Online.

Likewise, SANS will continue to offer its SANS OnDemand self-paced training, which offers on-demand access to the recordings of the same instructors and the same training, supplemented by live chat with certified subject matter experts. And you can even enjoy over 60 plus courses on the go, with SANS’ OnDemand App which is available on both iOS and Android devices.

After all, the SANS instructors are also cybersecurity pros who’ve grappled with the same challenges you have over the last year, and absolutely understand the pressures you’ve been living under – both professionally and personally.

Which may help to explain why students who’ve taken Live Online courses over the last year have shown the same level of satisfaction as in-person students – higher in some cases. SANS’ research also suggests that they’ve scored higher on their certification attempts than historical averages.

If you want to work out whether a SANS course is for you – and whether you might prefer online to in-person training – you can dive into SANS’ 45 strong line-up of demos here.

Whatever you want to learn, however you want to learn, and wherever and whoever you want to learn with (up to a point) there’s an option that’s going to work for you.

So why wait? It’s not like the opposition is going to. SANS is ready when you are:

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