Accenture, a global IT consultancy giant has allegedly been hit by a ransomware cyberattack from the LockBit ransomware gang.

Accenture is an IT giant known to serve a wide range of industries including automobiles, banks, government, technology, energy, telecoms, and many more.

Valued at $44.3 billion, Accenture is one of the world’s largest tech consultancy firms employing around 569,000 employees across 50 countries.

Ransomware group threatening to leak stolen data

A ransomware group known as LockBit 2.0 is threatening to publish files data allegedly stolen from Accenture during a recent cyberattack.

The threat actors state that they will publish the data later today if a ransom is not paid, as seen by BleepingComputer:

lockbit accenture
LockBit ransomware operator leak site has a countdown to leak

While LockBit has not shown proof of the stolen data, they claim to be willing to sell it to any interested parties.

“These people are beyond privacy and security. I really hope that their services are better than what I saw as an insider. If you’re interested in buying some databases reach us,” states LockBit on their data leak site.

The exact details as to when the breach occurred, when was it detected, its scope or, the technical cause of exploitation are yet to be known.

“Through our security protocols and our controls, we have identified irregular activity in one of our environments,” Accenture told Le Parisien.

“We immediately contained and isolated the problem from the affected servers. There has been no impact on our operations or on our customers’ systems.”

6 TB of files stolen, $50 million ransom demand

In conversations seen by the Cyble research team, the LockBit ransomware gang claims to have stolen six terabytes of data from Accenture and are demanding a $50 million ransom.

The threat actors claim to have gotten access to Accenture’s network via a corporate “insider.”

Sources familiar with the attack have told BleepingComputer that Accenture had confirmed the ransomware attack to at least one CTI vendor, and the IT services provider is also in the process of notifying more customers.

Additionally, cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock shared that Accenture had 2,500 compromised computers belonging to employees and partners:

LockBit has previously hit many victims, including UK’s Merseyrail train network.

Earlier this week, the Australian government had warned of escalating LockBit 2.0 ransomware attacks, after the group was seen actively recruiting insiders at companies they plan on breaching, in exchange for millions of dollars in rewards.

BleepingComputer reached out to Accenture well in advance of publishing and we are awaiting their response.