Sponsored Post Cybercriminals generally respect no limits or boundaries, but there is evidence to suggest that they are singling out industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) systems such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) platforms in the Asia Pacific region which may represent easier targets for their attention.

A report published by Deloitte in 2020 – Building cyber security into critical infrastructure: Protecting industrial control systems in Asia Pacific – concluded that critical infrastructure operators in Asia Pacific are being increasingly targeted by cyber espionage and sophisticated attacks which can severely disrupt essential services, including energy and water supplies. Deloitte also found that while organizations in APAC are ramping up their efforts to better secure the IT/OT infrastructure they own and operate, many of the measures in place remain immature and present significant scope for improvement.

APAC cyber security professionals cannot afford to drop their guard for a second, but ICS/OT systems present some unique challenges when it comes to making sure they are safeguarded from unauthorized access, data theft and disruption. Specialist knowledge and training is needed to ensure optimum protection, and what better way to get it than through SANS cyber security training events tailored specifically for the region.

The SANS APAC ICS Summit will be held in Singapore on Friday 11th November 2022. The SANS APAC ICS Training event offers 2-6 day in-person courses prior to the summit and following after at the same venue.

ICS professionals can choose to attend live online where they will have access to keynote presentations and selected talks from experts in the ICS/OT industry, including some of APACs most senior government officials responsible for the critical task of protecting the region’s critical national infrastructure. A keynote from Gaurav Keerthi, Deputy Chief Executive (Development), Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) will explore how to create a sustainable cybersecurity talent pipeline.

If you are able to make it in-person on the day, this SANS summit offers so much more. Attendees will get full access to panel discussions where top ICS practitioners discuss their experiences of working on the front line for example, with research, solutions, and case studies all available to share.

Hands-on workshops led by expert SANS instructors also give those attending in-person practical experience of working with the latest tools and techniques, with delegates able to enjoy the kind of quality social interaction that only in-person networking with your peers can provide.

You can read more and register for the SANS APAC ICS Summit and November Singapore training event here.

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