Webinar Trying to keep on top of all the hype and complexity in cybersecurity can be more than an just an uphill struggle and more like a veritable mountain to climb every morning.

So IT staff can be forgiven for wanting to change their security setups over and over again. But no end of password managers and intrusion detectors, automation and AI is enough on its own. And neither is purchasing, integrating, and managing every security technology. After all, it just demands more time, more money, and more people to make it all work.

The answer is to simplify your security. Take the smart decisions, work out what to do yourself and what to buy in as a service. Join the Register’s Tim Phillips on 15 March at 11am GMT/7am EDT/4am PDT/12pm CET in conversation with Paul Ducklin from Sophos as they explore your security needs.

Together, they will examine the major threats in the current cyber security landscape, identify those on the horizon, and talk about which tools to choose and how to cut complexity.

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Sponsored by Sophos.