Is a remote workforce making your organisation less secure? • The Register


Webcast Last year your bosses embraced remote working because, let’s face it, none of us had a choice.

Now many companies are wondering: will we ever need those big glass buildings again? Research shows more than half of companies are going to cut back on office space in 2021, and that means work-from-home is becoming a permanent feature of professional life.

But today’s VPN-centric approach is no longer effective to secure both your users and your organisation from cyber attacks.

In this new predominantly remote working environment, what other options are available? Is the SASE approach to secure connectivity able to save us instead?

In a recent webcast, Fortinet’s Patrick Grillo tells The Reg’s Tim Phillips all about shifting permanently to remote working without compromising security or connectivity. Their chat covered:

  • Bringing together connectivity and security to protect both the organisation and the remote employee
  • Why a VPN isn’t the long-term answer
  • Might it be time for the SASE alternative?

Click here to watch on demand.

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