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Wherever your apps, users and data are heading, is your backup keeping up? • The Register


Webcast What’s your tech infrastructure going to look like in the next few months or years? You know, once we get past the current situation and find time to start innovating again. All of which may come sooner than you think.

Your devs are probably going to be experimenting with analytics, machine learning and AI. Data will be coming at you from all directions, from customers to edge devices. And much, if not all, of this is probably going to happening in the cloud. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it.

And you’re not the only one interested. Bad actors are going to be interested too, and would like to exfiltrate as much of your sweet, sweet data as they can. Or, alternatively, encrypt the lot, until you hand over a fat ransom. At which point, you might get it back. Or not.

Wherever you’re heading, are you sure that your legacy data protection solution is going to keep pace? If your current enterprise backup operation is, shall we say, spotty at best, and tortuously slow at worst, how’s it going to perform in the future? Come on, be honest.

If you want to find out what data management should look like today, and in the future, you should really join us on January 26 at 0900 PST (12 noon EST, 1700 GMT), for a webcast that examines How backup modernization changes the ransomware game.

Our own ever-forward-looking broadcast expert Tim Phillips will be joined by Bipul Sinha, CEO of cloud data management experts Rubrik, and Miguel Zatarian, director of global technology at Fortune 500 truck maker Paccar.

They’ll talk you through the data management problems facing virtually every company today, and how modern data management solves them and offers a range of other virtuous outcomes.

They’ll also be looking ahead to the future of backup, and what you need to do to keep pace with ever growing data demands.

And you’ll get a real world insight into what modern data management looks like, as they explain just how Paccar modernized its backup and recovery operations.

Joining this webcast will require minimal effort on your part. Just register here and we’ll make sure it’s in your calendar, and we’ll remind you on the day. It’s an easy first step in making sure your data management catches up with the rest of your business.

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