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Webcast A web application firewall (WAF) is your first line of defence when it comes to protecting your organization from an array of potential threats.

But if you play it right, it can deliver a myriad of other benefits beyond just keeping the cyber nasties at bay. By filtering out the content scrapers, bots, and other web creepy-crawlies, you can remove their impact on your infrastructure reduce the overall cost of maintaining your web presence.

More importantly, once all this noise is removed, you will actually have a clearer view of who your real customers are and what sort of journey they’re making around your property.

The trick is working out what sort of WAF you need, and how to deploy it, whether that’s a low-cost commodity product, traditional on-prem hardware, or the full gamut of cloud options, from self-managed to fully managed as a service.

But here’s another way to cut through the noise. Just join our upcoming webcast, Choosing the Right WAF Deployment Model, on April 13 at a very civilized 1100 BST (1200 CEST).

Your host will be our own Tim Phillips, a pretty effective noise reduction system in his own right. He’ll be joined by Keiron Shepherd of F5 Networks, who has over 20 years of experience tackling hard core cyber security issues.

Together they’ll walk you through the key WAF deployment models, and pick over their pros and cons.

They’ll also take you deeper into key areas such as advanced protection, behavioural analytics, proactive bot protection and API security.

And they’ll help you work out where your WAF choices can – and should fit – with your app development lifecycle.

Joining is simple. Just drop your details in the registration box, and we’ll make sure to remind you on the day. Then just deploy yourself wherever you feel most comfortable on the day, and enjoy.

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