Tax scammers in China turn photos into vids to crack tax dept. facial recognition system • The Register


A duo in China has tricked a government-run identity verification system and create fake invoices.

According to state-controlled outlet Xinhua, the criminals tricked the State Taxation Administration platform’s identity verification system by manipulating high-def photos with a widely available app that turns photos into videos.

The scammers then obtained a smartphone that allowed them to bypass its camera during facial authentication, instead feeding their doctored videos into the system.

The facial recognition system fell for the ruse and authenticated the people depicted in the videos.

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One logged in, the fraudsters issued fake invoices on behalf of a shell company, and presumably hoped they’d be paid.

According to Shanghai prosecutors, the criminals had been at it since 2018. The miscreants also cracked a business license issuance app and added their own facial biometrics so they could log on as legitimate users.

China was an early adopter of facial recognition identity verification and the technology now permeates everyday life as a common authentication method in retail transactions and to access government services. China also makes extensive use of facial recognition as a security measure. ®

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