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Promo The last year has taught us that online training can absolutely deliver the same learning experience as traditional in-person training. But it has also demonstrated how some of us thrive on human interaction, whether it’s with an instructor or simply with your fellow students.

So, cybersecurity training experts SANS has reworked its training approaches and added the option of In-Person Live Stream Training. This allows students to attend a training center in-person, while the instructor is live-streamed to the classroom, and professional TAs offer additional onsite support. You can see the full list of SANS events worldwide featuring In-Person Live Stream here.

At the same time, in-person training is coming back on the agenda for selected events and courses, including SANS London July 2021, where two key courses – Security Essentials Bootcamp, and Advanced Incident Response, Threat Hunting and Digital Forensics – will be offered in a classroom setting with local instructors. Six other classes, including the new Cloud Security and DevSecOps Automation class, will be offered as both In-Person Live Stream and Live Online.

At London August 2021, 3 new courses will be available via In-Person Live Stream – Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis, Windows Forensic Analysis and Leading Cybersecurity Change: Building a Security-Based Culture. 10 more courses are available with some already filling up so be sure to book soon.

Similarly, at SANS Amsterdam September 2021 two brand new courses – Open Source Intelligence Gathering and Analysis, and Practical Open Source Intelligence Analysis and Automation – will be offered as in-person classes.

And at Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Cloud Security 2021 event in September, all three courses will be offered as In-Person Live Stream, as well as Live Online.

Whichever approach you choose, you’ll have the same combination of top instructors and teaching assistants and cutting edge materials, and you’ll walk away with the same degree of knowledge.

In fact, SANS own research suggests that students who’ve taken Live Online courses over the last year were just as satisfied with the experience as in-person attendees – in some cases more so. The research even suggested students’ GIAC certification scores are higher than historical averages.

But don’t worry if you’re in EMEA right now and your only option is on demand training. For a limited time, SANS is offering you a complimentary GIAC certification attempt, or $350 off all on demand purchases from now until June.

So, wherever you are, and whatever want to learn, there’s a way for you to get the best cybersec training, from the best instructors. Just head to the SANS site now, and weigh up your options.

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