An official stock photo of Windows 11 has accidentally leaked the upcoming redesign of the Microsoft Paint application.

Microsoft Paint was introduced with the first release of Windows in 1985, and while it is not the most advanced tool, it has become a fixture of the operating system.

While most people use it to idle away the time, doodle, or create small illustrations, it has been used to create unexpectedly beautiful artwork.

Paint is getting a redesign in Windows 11

Over the years, Paint has not evolved much, and Microsoft has turned it into an optional feature in Windows 10.

While Microsoft has updated the user interface in Windows 11, Microsoft Paint continues to use the same boring interface it has had for many years.

Current Microsoft Paint in Windows 11
Current Microsoft Paint in Windows 11

This is all about to change, as Microsoft has uploaded an official Windows 11 stock photo to Unsplash that gives us a glimpse of an upcoming version of Microsoft Paint with a modern user interface.

As you can see from the image below, which we have rotated and cropped to see better, Microsoft has revamped the interface with new icons, rounded color selectors, and a more modern feel.

New Windows 11 Paint user interface
New Windows 11 Paint user interface

This version is currently not available in Windows 11, but as the operating system it is getting close to the release to manufacturing (RTM) phase of development, we should expect to see it soon.

Even if Paint does not make it into the RTM, Microsoft is updating the program through Windows Feature Experience Packs so that it could be updated and delivered to users at any point outside of Microsoft’s normal update cycle.

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