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Spring or autumn, your biggest cyber threat could be in the cloud • The Register


Sponsored The sun never seems to set on the cybercriminal threat, but whether you’re heading into autumn or bursting into spring you can tap into the world’s finest cyber security training, at upcoming SANS Institute events in Asia and Oceania.

And with the cloud accounting for ever more of the world’s compute, you can be assured that they all feature top courses focusing on detecting and countering cloud threats, including newly minted courses such as Cloud Security and DevSecOps Automation, and Public Cloud Security: AWS, Azure and GCP. With the development of the larger curriculum, SANS has conscientiously looked at job roles, training needs within those roles, and how we help students progress along their professional cloud security journey. This free downloadable flight plan shows a natural progression for a professional to follow within a specific job role from baseline to advanced, specialized topics.

Whether you are just starting or continuing your journey to becoming a cloud expert, these training events will provide intensive, immersion training designed to help you master the practical steps necessary for defending systems and applications in the cloud against the most dangerous threats.

SANS October Singapore 2021 runs from October 11 to 23, and brings you 14 courses In Person Live Stream and Live Online. These include fundamental courses such as Security Essentials – Network, Endpoint and Cloud, and advanced and specialist programmes, including Mobile Device Security and Ethical Hacking and Defeating Advanced Adversaries – Purple Team Tactics and Kill Chain Defenses. The Security Essentials Course is also available with Korean Translation.

SANS Tokyo Autumn 2021, from October 18 to 30, features ten courses, all available Live Online. Security Essentials – Network, Endpoint and Cloud, and Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling will be delivered in Japanese, while the others all feature simultaneous translation into Japanese. In addition, Purple Team Tactics – Adversary Emulation for Breach Prevention and Detection will feature Korean translation.

Also from October 18 to 30, SANS India October 2021, which offers six courses Live Online, including Cloud Security and DevSecOps Automation and Public Cloud Security.

And over the equator, SANS Canberra Spring 2021 features eight courses via In Person Live Stream and Live Online formats, from Cloud Security Essentials to Defeating Advanced Adversaries – Purple Team Tactics and Kill Chain Defenses. The Enterprise Cloud Forensics and Incident Response Course is currently slated to be taught in person, by Joshua Lemon. Other courses may be taught in person, if conditions permit.

How ever and where ever you join your course, you will be learning from tutors at the top of their game, and getting hands on experience with virtual labs and exercises.

You’ll also get the opportunity to prove your new – and existing – skills, both by taking part in one of SANS’ legendary NetWars Tournaments, and by signing up for a GIAC certification for relevant courses.

And if that wasn’t enough, all these courses are currently subject to early-bird offers, saving you $100s. So, what are you waiting for? Fall into line, spring into action, and secure your spot now.

Sponsored by SANS Institute

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