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Well, nearly “anything”. It’s hard to recreate the gut-wrenching experience of dealing with a cyber attack on an industrial control system if you don’t have an actual industrial control system to play with.

Which is why SANS Institute’s ICS Cybersecurity In-depth course gives candidates hands-on, in the room access to a sophisticated ICS setup, designed to simulate a real world SCADA environment, with operators in a “remote” control centre monitoring and controlling “field” equipment and “local” HMI kit.

That’s why ICS Cybersecurity In-depth is the only one of SANS’ 70 plus courses that is only available in person.

Just how realistic and hands-on is this setup? You can get a taste by checking out this video.

But it’s not all just for show. Using this setup, SANS’ instructors guide students through a series of exercises showing how attackers could lay siege to a poorly architected ICS, and how defenders can secure and manage the environment.

The aim is to provide you with experience of everything from programming a logic controller, to designing a secure ICS environment, to understanding how an attacker will try to circumvent whatever protections are in place.

You’ll learn both passive and active methods to gather info about and secure ICS environments, and understand what “normal” looks like, how to build in choke points for your architecture to help you detect and respond to incidents, and how to manage complex environments and respond to security events.

The course is specifically targeted at ICS pros, process control engineers, and systems or safety engineers.

Needless to say, this is an advanced course, and candidates should have completed SANS‘ ICS/SCADA Essentials course or have a strong understanding of the objectives of that course.

As we said, this is the only course that SANS doesn’t offer online. But you’ll be pleased to know that with pandemic restrictions easing, it is very much back on the agenda, with upcoming sessions at SANS London November 2021, from November 1, and SANS Munich November, from November 8.

So, if you want to get up close with some of the best ICS security instructors around, and the most unique hands-on lab, head to the registration page now.

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