Sponsored You wouldn’t want to learn to box just as Tyson Fury steps out of the opposing corner. Likewise, the time to learn how to recover from ransomware is long before your systems come under attack.

And we say recover, because it’s inevitable that you be attacked, and almost a certainty that your systems will be breached at some point.

The trick is being able to not just detect the threat, but to quickly assess the damage and activate the appropriate recovery plan you need to get your organisation back up and running. You do have a recovery plan, don’t you?

Well, whether you’ve neglected your planning to date, or you want to make sure your existing strategy covers all the bases, you should join the second episode of our Ransomware Remediation Masterclass Series, on October 21 at 11am, where the subject is “How to Detect and Analyse Ransomware Threats”.

Your host will be Tim Phillips, an expert in constructing many layers of defence himself. Tim will be joined by Chris Beckett of Rubrik, who will be taking you step by step through the anatomy of a ransomware attack – and crucially what happens in the aftermath.

So, as well as prepping you on how to spot the signs of an attack and how to assess the blast radius, Chris will also drill you on the actions you need to take at each stage to recover quickly.

And he’ll explain how the best defence intelligently leverages machine learning to fortify response tools.

Joining us is easy. Just register here, and we’ll make sure you’re reminded on the day.

You know it’s a question of when, not if, when it comes to suffering a ransomware attach. So, it really does make sense to plan your recovery now.

This article is sponsored by Rx Labs.