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Ransomware is terrifying – but never underestimate the damage an employee with unmonitored access can do • The Register


Paid Post Is the biggest threat to your data a mysterious ransomware merchant or an advanced persistent threat cartel?

Or is it a security system that will show you that data has been exfiltrated from your organization – but only after the fact, leaving open the possibility that your valuable IP could have already been shared with unauthorized parties?

It was the latter scenario that allegedly resulted in 12,000 internal documents being lifted from Pfizer’s systems by a soon-to-depart employee last year. Those documents reportedly included details of COVID-19 vaccine research and a new melanoma drug.

The incident shows how today’s cloud infrastructure can exacerbate security gaps and why simply detecting a potential data leak isn’t enough. Companies need to have deep insight into what their employees are doing, as well as technology that can actively enforce policy and prevent unencrypted data from ever leaving the enterprise.

So what can companies do to close these gaps, without losing the benefits of today’s cloud technology? You can find out by catching this webinar, courtesy of endpoint-to-cloud security specialists Lookout.

You’ll hear from Lookout’s VP of SASE products, Mahesh Rachakonda, and senior manager of security solutions, Hank Schless, who will discuss the challenges all organizations face when it comes to data protection.

They’ll examine the alleged Pfizer leak in forensic detail, teasing out the lessons it has for organizations of any size – and helping you understand whether your security infrastructure is robust enough to prevent the same thing happening to your data.

They’ll also explain why it is essential to have integrated insight across your organization, insight that covers users, endpoints, applications, AND your data.

And they’ll show how that integrated insight can provide a foundation for intelligent zero trust access that doesn’t tell you when something may have occurred, but actively prevents it happening – all without hindering productivity.

The threats to your data are not going away anytime soon. But you can start closing the security gap right now, by tapping into this webinar at a time and place of your choosing. Just head here, register, and improve your protection today.

Sponsored by Lookout

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