Looking for the latest insight to ensure cyber security in the long term? It’s right here • The Register

Looking for the latest insight to ensure cyber security in the long term? It’s right here • The Register


Sponsored Post The threat of ransomware or nation state attacks might open-up corporate wallets for short-term cyber-security investment but working out how to develop both your security team and your defenses for the long-term calls for a little more sophistication.

It’s not just a question of reacting to the latest emerging threat. It’s also about understanding how security doesn’t just protect your organization in the here and now but underpins its ability to succeed more broadly in the future.

Which is why you should check out The Future Security Team Playbook, courtesy of SANS, GIAC and IDC.

This in-depth survey into Upskilling for Digital First Security and Privacy explains how the security skills gap is widening, and where the key shortfalls are. Moreover, it explains the impact this has on business overall, including how it can put the brakes on an organization’s broader digital transformation efforts.

For example, digital transformation and remote working mean the average cost of a security breach is $4.24 million.

So, it’s no surprise that 51 percent of organizations will add security staff in the next year, leading to 3.5 to 4 million total vacancies worldwide. This skills deficit means the average delay to digital transformation is over eight months.

So, what can you do about this? Just taking Staff from other organizations isn’t enough. You have to create an environment they’ll actually want to join. And you need to develop your own skilled professionals and be prepared to augment the skills of those you do recruit.

This is a challenge for every organization, and this report guides you through the key skills to look for, explains the key factors to consider when it comes to choosing a training provider, and details what to bear in mind when it comes to certifications. Naturally, it gets deep into key trends in security, from the role of IoT, MDR and MSS, Zero Trust and SDSA, and of course, data privacy.

The security threat may change, but it isn’t going away, and neither is the problem of finding the right people to protect your organization, its apps, and its data. So, to get beyond the short term and start building the ultimate cyber team, check out the workforce development resources at SANS.

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