Walking away from ransomware unscathed. Can you? Really? • The Register

Walking away from ransomware unscathed. Can you? Really? • The Register


Sponsored Post These days, keeping your data secure isn’t just a question of keeping the mice from getting to the cheese. It’s a prerequisite for ensuring your organisation can thrive in an increasingly challenging global and business environment.

That’s because data is your most valuable asset and having it choked off thanks to a ransomware attack won’t just disrupt your business operationally. It will strangle it reputationally. And quite possibly, permanently.

Which is why, whether you’re a security specialist or an infrastructure expert, you should be tuning-in to Rubrik’s FORWARD conference virtually on May 17 to 19.

You’ll be treated to fascinating keynote discussions from cybersecurity and threat intelligence experts, including Wendi Whitmore, SVP of Unit 42 at Palo Alto Networks; Rubrik Co-founder & CEO Bipul Sinha; and President-GTM Dan Rogers, as they discuss what the future of cybersecurity will be like.

But you’ll also hear from real world practitioners from organisations like Warren Cat Machinery, PCCW Global, UCI Health, MIT, Thomas Jefferson University, as well as Rubrik’s highly experienced engineers and industry specialists.

They’ll be explaining the scale of the cyber attack challenge, particularly as it applies to ransomware, show you what to expect in the future, and help you understand how the latest technologies in backup solutions can help you stay prepared, so you know what to do when trouble comes knocking.

You’ll also hear real life stories of how organisations have risen to the challenge of ransomware and cyber attacks – believe it or not, there are organisations that have walked away from a ransomware attack unscathed! And these are the people you will hear from first hand.

They’ll showcase just how they are using cutting edge tooling and practices to identify their most priced assets, work out potential weak points, hunt down threats, and increase advanced data observability.

And they’ll explain how you can minimise damage and recover, in minutes, when the unthinkable does happen, whether your focus is on virtual machines, databases or major cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure.

You can join FORWARD virtually to take part in the opening keynotes and breakout sessions with a free pass, that will serve up content to suit your needs, interests, and schedule. So, why not head here and register right now.

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