Not having a recovery plan is worse than a cyber attack • The Register

Not having a recovery plan is worse than a cyber attack • The Register


Webinar What’s the biggest threat to your business? Ransomware? A natural disaster? A critical infrastructure failure?

Actually, it’s none of these. Rather it’s your ability – or inability – to recover when any, or all, of the above strike. That means understanding and protecting the data and applications your business relies on, including their complex interdependencies, as well as ensuring they’re protected – and that your backups are protected too.

It also means being able to understand the precise damage an attack or outage has inflicted and the ability to orchestrate a rapid recovery of the affected data and applications accordingly.

Where do you start on this? By joining our upcoming webinar on July 28 at 12pm PT/3pm ET or 8pm BST.

Our experts will be chewing over the inconvenient truth that if you can’t be sure your backup is protected, how do you know that you can actually begin to recover?

On the way, they’ll be looking at the broader context of unplanned downtime and data loss, whether due to cyber-attacks, disaster events or common or garden outages.

And they’ll be explaining how you can ensure fast local recovery from ransomware, as well as rapid orchestrated recovery and site failover for VMware environments, whether on-prem and/or on AWS and Azure.

Head here to register and we’ll do the rest, including updating your calendar and reminding you on the day. Your recovery starts here.

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