Do you know what’s happening on your users’ devices? • The Register

Do you know what’s happening on your users’ devices? • The Register


Sponsored Post You might be happy with your cloud infrastructure and totally on top of your internal network, but one thing for certain is that whatever your workforce is doing, they’ll have endpoints. Are you sure you know exactly what’s happening on all those devices?

The fact is it can be easy to overlook the importance of endpoint management, particularly in small and medium organizations, where a handful of tech pros – or even a single person – has to keep tabs on the entire IT estate.

But good end point management can deliver efficiency gains, ensure policies are followed, and enable innovation. And you can be sure that ransomware merchants and cybercriminals are quite aware of the difference the lack of endpoint management can make, particularly as workforces have become increasingly dispersed.

So, if you need a review of state of the art practices when it comes to endpoint management, or even, shall we say, a refresher on the fundamentals, you should check out this IDC MarketScape excerpt, courtesy of endpoint management leader, Micro Focus.

It maps out the landscape when it comes to endpoint management tools for small and medium businesses, highlighting the major players, and the bona fide leaders.

More importantly, it gives you an objective rundown of the key requirements small and medium firms have when it comes to unified endpoint management, and the particular pressures they face – not least the task of managing an organization’s entire infrastructure with minimal bodies.

Whether you’ve got an endpoint management system in place or not, this report lists the key attributes and capabilities you should be looking for, whether you’re aiming to protect consumer or business class gear, ruggedized kit, or even IoT devices. And it helps you look beyond the simply must haves, to other factors such as intelligence and analytics, or the ability to support legacy devices.

So, you’ll know precisely what you should have in mind when it comes to choosing a supplier – or replacing the one you’ve already got.

It also explains, in unbiased language, precisely why Micro Focus’ ZENworks UEM has maintained its place in the leaders segment, including its strong analytics story, MicroFocus’ broad range of complementary management and reporting software products, and its ZENworks Endpoint Security Management platform.

A bona fide state of Zen really is achievable when it comes to unified endpoint management. All you need to do is head here and take a look first.

Sponsored by Micro Focus.

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