Beer maker Super Bock says ‘cyber’ attack ‘disrupting’ ops • The Register

Beer maker Super Bock says ‘cyber’ attack ‘disrupting’ ops • The Register


Super Bock Group, Portugal’s largest beverage biz, is warning of potential interruption to supplies as it manages the fallout from cybercrooks attacking its tech infrastructure.

The corporation confirmed via LinkedIn it was the “target of a cyberattack that is causing disruption” to “computer services, with constraint on regular operation, particularly at the service level.”

“The situation causes major restrictions in its supply chain operation to the market of some of its products in the different marketing channels,” it added in a Portuguese post translated into English.

The usual and “necessary safety protocols” were enacted by the company, it says: it informed the relevant data authorities in Portugal and is following a contingency plan to “resupply the market.”

The entry point of the criminal, how and when they accessed the system or systems, or how long they were on the inside, was not mentioned by Super Bock, neither was the malware involved or if there is ongoing dialogue with perpetrator/s.

We’ve asked the company – part owned by Carlsberg Group – to comment. We also asked Carlsberg to give us its perspective.

The LinkedIn post concluded: “Super Bock regrets the possible disruption caused to all its customers and suppliers, and thanks the partners for the expressions of solidarity and support to date.”

Cyber baddies have had breweries in their sights for some time: Molson Coors was a high profile victim in March 2021 via an attack that significantly hampered production and shipment of products. Its brands include Coors Lite, Peroni, Staropramen and Foster’s.

Lion, a brewer better known in Australia and New Zealand, was subjected to ransomware in 2020 and was forced to temporary shutter manufacturing and halt deliveries as it began the process of recovery.

Simon Chasser, chief revenue officer at security platform provider Claroty, said the Super Bock incident “shows the disastrous impacts that these attacks can have on the drinks industry with major restrictions in supply operation to the market for some of Super Bock’s products.”

He said criminals “target the availability and services of organizations, knowing that damaged supply chains can cost the business dearly.”

Super Bock, founded in 1890, is Portugal’s largest exporter of beer with stock distributed to 50 countries. Your correspondent likes the product but was born in (and still lives near) godforsaken Croydon so… taste is subjective. ®

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