Webinar There was a time when data was stored in cardboard files inside metal filing cabinets. The drawers were locked with a little key in the corner of the cabinet, which generally meant there was no getting in unless you had that key or at least some time to spare with a crowbar.

These days the language has evolved to include secure unstructured data environments, threat actors, and risk factors. But the ambition is the same – to keep sensitive information out of the hands of the wrong people.

Businesses are capturing more and more unstructured data and it all needs storing, managing, and protecting. It’s vital to maintain multiple lines of defense against sophisticated cyber attacks and be armed with the security tools and capabilities needed to meet the challenges of 2023 and beyond.

Join Dell Security Experts, Kevin Noreen and Phillip Nordwall on February 7 at 5pm GMT/12pm EST/9am PST as they reveal their five cyber security predictions for 2023 and explain how Dell is helping customers address their most important security challenges around unstructured data with its leading PowerScale scale-out NAS solutions.

Kevin and Phillip’s analysis is based on comparisons of cybersecurity software capabilities offered for Dell PowerScale in comparison with competitive products carried out in September 2022.

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