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Secure mail • The Register


Webinar In the distant past, a master forger with a quill could fake a signature on the end of a letter but at least then you had time to consider the potential for fraud before any damage could be done. In the digital age of email, it’s increasingly hard to spot a scam’s threat to your security and react in time.

Email remains the source for 94 percent of all cyber attacks according to some estimations, and the methods used to break in are continuously evolving. So your inbox needs more than a padlock and key, it requires an always-on approach!

That means having the ability to recognise the difference between legitimate communications and a credible sender impersonation. It’s important to spot the suspicious and dangerous links and URLs, and identify new attacks. Your security needs to learn everything about you, your security team, your business, your users, in order to autonomously deliver precise and effective cyber actions to fightback.

We’ll be investigating this further in our forthcoming webinar “Email security for every threat” on 4 April at 11am BST/6am EDT/3am PDT. The Register’s very own Tim Phillips will discuss the future of email security with Pieter Jansen, SVP Cyber Innovation and Carlos Gray, Email SME from Darktrace as they examine the evolving risks and threats and analyse why AI-powered email security which understands you, is essential to be safe.

Darktrace uses AI to learn about you, in order to spot the first subtle signs of email attacks that could otherwise sneak in and cause harm.

Sign up for the webinar here and we’ll send you a reminder on the day, securely of course.

Sponsored by Darktrace.

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