Intel wireless driver updates fix Windows 10 blue screen issues


Intel has addressed Wi-Fi and Wireless Bluetooth drivers issues causing Windows 10 blue screen of death (BSOD) errors and Bluetooth devices to lose connection or stop working.

Users are urged to install the updated Wi-Fi drivers (Intel PROSet/Wireless Software 22.30.0 ) and Wireless Bluetooth drivers (Intel Wireless Bluetooth 22.30.0) seeing that they also include security updates, besides functional updates.

Fixed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues

The new Intel Wireless drivers address Windows 10 stop errors (also known as blue screens, Blue Screen of Death, or BSODs) and issues causing wireless adapters to fail to connect to 5GHz networks.

“When a system is connected to an Access Point using channel 165 and the Windows 10 mobile hotspot feature is enabled sharing the 5GHz network, the mobile hotspot network is not visible to other systems under the wireless network scan list,” Intel added.

The new Intel Wireless Bluetooth drivers fix bugs behind Bluetooth devices causing audio noise during Hands-Free Profile (HFP) voice calls and discontinuity of audio during Teams calls.

They also address bugs leading to Bluetooth LE mice no longer working on systems with outdated driver versions.

The full list of supported products and driver versions released by Intel to fix these issues is available in the Wi-Fi and the Wireless Bluetooth drivers’ release notes.

Fixes for security issues affecting Intel products

Intel also addressed 57 security vulnerabilities during the February 2021 Patch Tuesday, including high severity ones impacting Intel Graphics Drivers.

Intel graphics driver vulnerabilities patched this month found in several Windows and Linux driver versions impact systems with Intel processor generations up to the 10th generation, codenamed Comet Lake.

Additionally, Apple addressed arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities in Intel graphics drivers in early-February, and Microsoft released an emergency KB5001028 out-of-band update to fix a Windows 10 bug causing crashes when connecting to WPA3 Wi-Fi networks.

Last month, Microsoft also issued a new batch of Intel microcode updates for addressing issues impacting Windows 10 20H2, 2004, 1909, and older versions.

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