Time to rethink data protection for cloud workloads • The Register

Time to rethink data protection for cloud workloads • The Register


Sponsored Post Enterprises often forget that SLAs with cloud providers cover access to the service, but not necessarily protection for the data.

Meanwhile, many SaaS security options are one-trick ponies, offering one layer of defense, but leaving tech pros having to use multiple services if they want to want to ensure the full range of protection for their data.

So surely it makes sense for your organization’s mission critical information to be safeguarded in one place where it is both protected and fully available for processing, analysis and compliance auditing?

That’s what Cohesity is bringing with the launch of its Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) portfolio in Singapore and South East Asia.

The platform includes DataProtect – a backup as a service offering that delivers enterprise grade security protection for data stored both on-prem and in the cloud, including in-flight and at rest encryption, immutability and built-in machine learning to improve efficiency and bolster ransomware protection.

DMaaS protects data stored in Microsoft 365 as well as other cloud repositories including Amazon EC2 infrastructure and Amazon RDS.

Microsoft 365 adoption has exploded over the last few years, adding nearly 300m users and 50% subscriber growth between the third quarters of 2019 and 2021 according to Microsoft. And with hackers generally tailoring their attacks to popular applications with the highest number of potential victims, ransomware directed at Microsoft 365 has increased in parallel.

Nor does M365 provide recovery SLAs, with Microsoft trusting responsibility for data backups and recover to the end user organization itself. To fill that gap, DMaaS offers a comprehensive enterprise-class backup and data management solution for the entire Microsoft 365 suite, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Public, Folders, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Groups.

Interested in trying it out? Cohesity’s M365 Data Protection Pack can be downloaded here.

And Cohesity’s DMaaS platform is also hosted on Amazon Web Services, meaning your data benefits from Cohesity’s data management and protection expertise, as well as AWS’s massively scalable, infrastructure and peerless physical and cyber security.

So, if you’re worried about hackers targeting your Microsoft 365 users and want to ensure their data can be adequately protected, backed up and recovered in line with organizational policies and data protection regulation, head here to see what Cohesity is bringing to South East Asia on July 7th.

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